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Standart3500 ₽ / 2625 ₽*4000 / 3000 ₽*
Superior4000 / 3000 ₽*4500 / 3375 ₽*
Deluxe4500 / 3375 ₽*5000 / 3750 ₽*
Bridal suite5000
* - until February 28

  In our hotel we try to create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere for all our guests. Therefore, we have developed a number of rules aimed at maintaining order and home environment.

Rules of living in the hotel

The hotel provides accommodation for an interval allowed by Administration. After passing the allowed date a Customer should leave the room by Administration demand. If Guest wants to carry over the period of living, should handle it with Administration, but not later than 2 hours before check out tame (it is 12 o’clock p.m. on local time).
1. The hotel working hours – round the clock.
2. You are provided with the room if you show passport or identification card.
       3. You can reserve the room. If the hotel has vacant rooms your reservation order in written form will be accepted. While reserving or placing a customer may choose a type of the room, but the right to choose a particular room belongs to Administration. If a customer pays for the first day the reservation will be guaranteed but due to being late for more than 24 hours reservation will be cancelled. in case of no-show or late cancellation (less than 3 days in advance), a penalty of one night will be charged. Late arrivals will be charged for actual room downtime. Without prepayment, the reservation will be cancelled in case of no-show before 18:00. The hotel administration has the right to refuse accommodation to a guest who is in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, even with a guaranteed reservation.
4. Hotel provides customers with the following free services:
- Calling emergency, using fist aid kit
- Calling taxi
- Delivery correspondence on its receiving   
- Waking up by particular time
5. Payment for accommodation, services and additional services is carried out at the current rates approved by the hotel management (register for additional services at the reception).
6. Check-in time is 14: 00.
7. The accommodation fee is charged in accordance with a single check-out time - from 12 hours of the current day local time.
8. In case of placing without reservation before check out time (from 00.00 till 6.00) payment is charged as for a full day, from 6:00 to 14:00 – hourly payment (early check-in).
9. In case of staying no more than 24 hours, the fee will be charged per day regardless of the time of arrival and departure.
10. In case of delay of departure of the consumer after check-out hour no more than 6 hours hourly payment is made.
11. If the check-out is delayed from 6 to 12 hours after the check-out time, a half-day fee will be charged.
12. If you check out after more than 12 hours after check - out time, payment is made as a full day.
13. Unexpected cleaning, change of linen and towels are available at an additional cost.
14. Resident undertakes:
- comply with the hotel policies;
- keep clean;
- strictly comply with fire safety regulations;
- to bear material responsibility for damage or loss of property of hotel in three times the size of its cost.
15. Administration prohibits:  
- To stay in hotel with unknown people, to pass them a key to the room
- To keep explosive materials and firearms
- To replace furniture in the room
- To disturb another people’s privacy
- To bring spirits and products
- Stay of visitors in room after 23:00 without registration (demonstrate of the identification card) and payment
- To be in territory of the hotel with animals
16. In case of detection of forgotten things, the administration takes measures to return them to their owners. If the owner is not found, the administration declares the discovery to the police or local government.
17. In the absence of a guest at the place of residence without warning for more than a day (according to the check-out time), the hotel administration has the right to create a Commission and make an inventory of the property located in the room.
18. The Administration is not responsible for valuable papers, metals and money.
19. In case of complaints from the consumer, the administration takes all possible measures to resolve the conflict provided for by law.
20. The book of reviews and suggestions is at the duty administrator of the hotel and is issued at the request of the guest.
21. In cases not provided for by these rules, the administration and the consumer are guided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

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